White and Dark Chocolate Liqueur Truffles

Today I made some delicious white chocolate liqueur truffles, with a dark chocolate coating and covered in toasted pistachio and cacao nibs.

To make these you will need: What you are going to need to make these is:

300 g/10.60 oz Butter
100 g/3.50 oz Icing sugar
600 g/2.10 oz melted White chocolssate
70 g/2.50 oz a liqueur of your choice (I used 40 g of mint liqueur and 30 g of rhum)
(400 g+200 g) 600 g/21 oz  Dark tempered Chocolate (you can use white or milk if you prefer)
q.b. cacao nibs
q.b. cacao powder or anything you want to coat your truffles with

First things first, melt the white chocolate over a double boiler mixing the chocolate well and almost all of the time, being careful not to burn the chocolate. Don't let it get over 45ºC or 113ºF, you can use your finger to measure the temperature if you don't have a thermometer. You shouldn't burn yourself, if it does burn your finger a bit it means it's too hot for the chocolate, remove immediately from the heat and the double boiler.
Take your time here, it may not melt completely over the heat and you may need to take it off the heat before it's completely melted and that's okay, because the heat from the double boiler will melt the rest of the chocolate without burning it.
Let the chocolate cool down but not set.

Next beat in the butter with the icing sugar until you get a creamy consistency. After that add in the melted white chocolate and the liqueurs and mix in well.

Now you have different choices, you can let it set until firm and afterwards mold into little balls with the same weigh like I did or cut it into squares or you can use a pipping bag and make make Kiss like truffles or even use chocolate molds and use this mixture as a filling for chocolate bonbons.

If you chose to do the same as me, then let the mixture set in a greased container. I put mine in the fridge to be a bit quicker!

Prepare a tray that fits in the fridge with grease proof paper to place you truffles in.

After  it's all set you need to divide you chocolate mixture, I used a scale to make sure every piece was the same, but you don't need to do that, and then I rolled each piece by hand. You can also just cut them into squares, it's a lot easier!

When it's all done just pop the tray in the fridge and remember to take it out 5 minutes before you have to dip them.

Now is time to temper our chocolate! Notice that I divided the 600 g/21 oz in to two parts (1/3 and 2/3), this is so we can temper our chocolate and get that nice crunchy texture to it.

So put your 400 g/14 oz of chocolate in a double boiler, and the process is the same as the white chocolate we melted before, but since we are using dark chocolate you can let it go up to 50ºC or 122ºF but not above it.

Now you need to divide you chocolate mixture, I used a scale to make sure every piece was the same weigh, but you don't need to do that, and then I rolled each piece by hand. You can also just cut it into squares, it's a lot easier!

After it's melted, let it set for about 5 minutes, mixing every now and again. Then add portions of the remaining chocolate a bit at a time and mix in well, making sure it is well melted before adding any more, also we have to be careful since we don't want to end up with pieces of unmelted chocolate. We want our chocolate to be well tempered and at the right temperature. For that we need to keep checking the temperature it should be around 31ºC/87/88ºF, if you don't have a thermometer you can dip your finger and place a bit of chocolate in your bottom lip. If it's at the same temperature it means it's ready to use.

It is now time to dip our truffles!

Make sure you have a tray lined with grease proof paper, again, and you have some plates filled with what you are using to coat your truffles. I used some chopped toasted pistachio and some cacao nibs, you can use anything you want, it's really up to you!

Get a fork or two ready and a knife, it's time to start dipping your truffles!

My tips are:
- make sure you submerge the truffle completely
- tap off the excess chocolate well
- make sure to swipe the fork on the side of the bowl before transferring your truffle to the coating station or the grease proof paper

This is to make sure you have a perfect truffle! Sometimes too much chocolate really isn't the way to go.

After dipping your truffle and removing the excess chocolate, you can place it in the plate with the pistachio (or wtv) and with your hand coat the chocolate completely. Since I was doing so many i used a bowl with the pistachio and place 3 coated truffles at a time and then just shook the bowl to coat them completely.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, let me know if you try this out and share some pictures!

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