Companion Cube Cake

As a huge fan of the game Portal and Portal 2 I decided that for my 25th anniversary I wanted a special cake and it had to be none other than a companion cube!

I had tried to make one before with buttercream but didn't turn out like i wanted it to, it wasn't perfect, so this time I was armed with everything I needed to make the perfect Companion cube! Except time, like always. So I enlisted my best friend to help me out and we both stayed up until 2 A.M. to finish this very tiny cake. 

The intention was to make 4 companion cubes, but at 2 A.M. I called it quits. I was able to finish one cake and by then my friend was already falling asleep on the table so that had to be that.

I'm still very proud of this accomplishment and is definitely one of my favorite cakes ever!

I still wish to make another companion cube but next time in real size. That wold be an amazing cake to have, don't you agree?!

Hope you enjoyed my tiny little companion cube cake.


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